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Quality Software Management:
Vol. 4: Anticipating Change

by Gerald M. Weinberg

ISBN: 978-0-932633-32-3  
©1997  504 pages   hardcover  
$44.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Software Management, Software Quality & Productivity

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Weinberg's Testament on Managing Change
Addresses the Most Troublesome Issues of Management

About the Book

The highly acclaimed four-volume Quality Software Management series concludes with this stand-alone volume: Anticipating Change. In it, Gerald M. Weinberg illustrates how to create a supportive environment for software engineering —an environment in which your organization can realize long-lasting gains in quality and productivity by learning how to manage change.

As the author argues, the history of software engineering is riddled with failed attempts to improve quality and productivity without first creating a supportive environment. Many managers spend their money on tools, methodologies, outsourcing, training, and application packages, but they rarely spend anything to improve or to remove the management that created those situations in the first place.

From systems thinking to project management to technology transfer to the interaction of culture and process, Anticipating Change analyzes transformation from a broad range of perspectives, providing a breadth of awareness essential for successful management of high-quality software development.

Topics include:

  • modeling how change really happens
  • change artistry
  • planning for the future organization
  • moving off a dead stop
  • tactical change planning
  • selecting and testing a goal
  • why software projects fail
  • and much more.


"This fourth volume presents a recipe for a quality software engineering organization. . . . [Weinberg] recognizes the importance of tools for the delivery of high-quality software and software services, but he correctly suggests a much larger set of technologies, which includes formal and informal organizational relationships; technical reviews and planning approaches; standards; measurements; and technical infrastructure, such as networks, hardware, and software tools. . . . This book should be read after the author's other three volumes. Reading all four might be a time-consuming undertaking, but the many practical hints make it worthwhile. Practitioners will find it very useful."

 —H. Remus
Computing Reviews

"Gerald Weinberg, one of the truly original thinkers who write about organizational factors influencing software development, often provides me with the opportunity to say 'aha.' . . . Anticipating Change addresses how to create an environment conducive to implementing the software engineering culture he describes in the first three books of the series. What is fascinating about Weinberg's approach to software development management is how his perspective encompasses such diverse sources as family therapy theories, personality type studies, and experiences drawn from years of consulting for software development organizations."

 —Warren Keuffel
Software Development

"If you're grappling with how to improve software development and especially how to improve managing software development, then this might be the right book for you."

Mike Barker
IEEE Software

"This book is for those who want to think deeply on how to be a positive change agent for the people around them. I use this material when speaking at conferences and users groups and the response is always incredibly positive. Listeners always want to know more. Software professionals suffer from a complete lack of exposure to excellent writings on non-technical topics. This book does a great job helping fill that gap (as do many of Jerry Weinberg's books)."

Lowell Lindstrom
posted on Construction Accounting Software

"The first half of this book is useful for anyone contemplating changing an organization. The second half is directed specifically at project managers. . . . a lot of good concepts and models. Very thought-provoking. If you wonder why you haven't been able to change your organization, this is well worth reading."

Elaine May
posted on Construction Accounting Software


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