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Book Proposal Guidelines


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Thank you for your interest in offering a book proposal for consideration. We would appreciate the opportunity to review your work.

Founded in 1984, Dorset House is an independent publisher of highly influential books on systems and software development and management. We only publish about three books per year, and consequently our review process is extremely selective.

We seek unique, enduring insights that may serve to inspire and improve the efforts of IS professionals. Both first-time and experienced authors are welcome.

Please refer to our Subject Index for a detailed listing of subjects and books we've published. In the meantime, following is a partial list of topics:

Analysis & Design
Technical Career Development
IT Consulting
Software Project Management
Software Development Methodologies
Software Quality

When submitting your proposal, please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Author Biography: Tell us about yourself. What is your professional experience? This may include education, awards/honors, membership in relevant organizations, or previous publications. What does your history bring to this manuscript?
  • Topic Description: What is your book about? Why did you select your topic? What is the context of your topic?
  • Competition Assessment: We are interested in your assessment of your book's competition. What books on the market, or in progress, deal with similar concepts? How is your book different?
  • Marketing Plan: Our most successful authors are active partners in promoting their books. Please let us know of any plans or special opportunities you expect to have in supporting your book.
  • Table of Contents: This should be as detailed as possible. The table of contents is especially helpful if you do not have the entire manuscript ready for us to review.
  • Sample Chapters: Please send us as many chapters of the manuscript as are currently available. Course materials are accepted for review, but usually must be rewritten as a manuscript for full consideration.

Submissions are welcomed by e-mail to info@dorsethouse.com or by postal mail to

Book Proposals
Dorset House Publishing
New: 3143 Broadway, Suite 2B
New York, NY 10027
United States

Once we've received your proposal, please allow approximately eight to twelve weeks to hear back from us. Our pipeline is subject to the schedules of our expert reviewers, and we will strive to report regularly on our progress.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Susan V. Potts
Proposals Coordinator


New: 3143 Broadway, Suite 2B  New York, New York 10027  USA
1-800-DH-BOOKS or 212-620-4053, fax 212-727-1044
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