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Quality Software Management:
Vol. 2: First-Order Measurement

by Gerald M. Weinberg

ISBN: 978-0-932633-24-8  
©1993  360 pages   hardcover  
$43.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Software Management, Software Metrics

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Use Observation Techniques and Subtle
Measurements to Improve Project Management

About the Book

To consistently produce high-quality software in today's competitive marketplace, managers must have reliable information, obtained through careful observation and measurement. First-Order Measurement is a comprehensive guide to the basic measurement activities every organization must perform to manage the software development process.

Many management failures are caused by poor observation. First-Order Measurement tells how to observe properly with the aid of a four-step model to break the complex observation process into a series of smaller, simpler, steps. The book also defines the different levels of measurement, and describes the minimum set of activities in order to start a measurement program.

Numerous examples and diagrams illustrate the author's points, and exercises challenge readers to test their understanding of the concepts. Topics include

  • the direct observation of quality
  • visualization of product and process
  • comparison of cost and value
  • measurement of failures before they happen
  • and requirements as the basis of measurement.

This stand-alone text is the second in a series of four volumes in which acclaimed author Gerald Weinberg explores the most difficult aspects of building high-quality software.


"Quality Software Management is a software starship that has gone where no-one has gone before; and if there is further to go, Weinberg is certainly not stopping us from going."

 —Nicholas Zvegintzov
Software Management News

"What struck me as amazing as I read First-Order Measurement was not that so many software projects fail, but that so many manage to succeed. This book should be required reading for anyone who cares about project success."

 —Naomi Karten
President, Karten Associates

". . . delightful . . . peppered with the kind of quotations that software engineers love to tape on their managers' doors in the middle of the night, in hopes of inspiring change for the better. . . . enlightening, practical, humorous, and enormously inspiring."

 —Ed Yourdon
American Programmer

". . . brimming with simple techniques and examples of their application."

Roger D.H. Warburton
Computing Reviews

"The wealth of wisdom in this volume speaks directly to individuals who want to improve their own powers of observation—a prerequisite to successfully applying knowledge to improve software quality. . . . First-Order Measurement is a must for all sentient software line and project managers!"

 —Shel Siegel
Software Quality World

Table of Contents

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