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More Secrets of Consulting
The Consultant's Tool Kit

by Gerald M. Weinberg

ISBN: 978-0-932633-52-1  
©2002  216 pages   softcover  
$33.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Computer Consulting

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Powerful Tools to
Unlock Your Consulting Abilities

About the Book

Widely acclaimed as a consultant's consultant, Gerald M. Weinberg builds on his perennial best-seller The Secrets of Consulting with all-new laws, rules, and principles. You'll learn how to fight burnout, stay curious, understand your clients, negotiate effectively, and much, much more.

Consultants need more than technical skills—they need self-awareness and a strong set of personal abilities. Weinberg helps computer consultants identify and strengthen each aspect of their performance using a "consultant's tool kit" of seventeen memorable symbols. He devotes a chapter to each of these symbolic tools, from The Wisdom Box to The Fish-Eye Lens to The Oxygen Mask and more.


"What a lively, and 'fun to read' volume! Weinberg has written an excellent book, which certainly complements his bestseller, The Secrets of Consulting (1985). Weinberg used an interesting and exciting approach to communicating his wisdom on consulting to others. . . .

"This book is full of fresh ideas, paradoxes, ironies, and provocativeness. It can be entertaining and concurrently thought provoking. . . . Even though the author is sharing 'secrets' with consultants, the everyday layperson could learn much about life in general from this volume. The book should be added to one's 'self-help' collection. . . .

"Anyone seriously wanting to learn more about the personal aspects of consulting should first read Weinberg's Secrets of Consulting and subsequently read More Secrets of Consulting.

"I recommend this book for any consultant or anyone else aspiring to learn more about how to improve one's effectiveness while working with others."

Donald E. Riggs
The Journal of Academic Librarianship

"More Secrets is focused on Jerry's specialty, which is software consulting. But the possible applications of the tool kit that he describes go far beyond software, and well beyond consulting in general. . . . In the brief time that I've been consciously using the tools, I've found applications in my work life, but even more significantly in my personal and spiritual life. . . .

"More Secrets of Consulting is a very valuable resource for consultants, especially those who think (almost certainly mistakenly) that their biggest problems are technical in nature. It's also a great introduction to Satir's self-esteem tool kit, which all humans can benefit from. . . ."

Danny R. Faught
Tejas Software Consulting Newsletter

"Weinberg's original Secrets of Consulting has a place on every consultant's (at least the ones that are making any money) bookshelf. If you have not read Jerry's original book, you will be surprised at how he makes simple analogies and symbols so meaningful. And how these analogies, rules and symbols lead to a better personal performance from the consultant. This time around he gives us the "consultant's tool kit" of symbols. He devotes a chapter to each of these symbolic tools, from The Wisdom Box to The Fish-Eye Lens to The Oxygen Mask. Jerry Weinberg's career is the envy of most consultants that I know. I find it wonderful that he is prepared to share the secrets of his success.

"Buy this book if you are a consultant, or thinking of becoming one."

Atlantic Systems Guild

"Weinberg presents more secrets and a whole new set of images. His yes/no medallion, for example, reminds you to mean it when you say yes or no. And every time someone mentions the yes/no medallion in a discussion, I will think of this book's descrition of the chapter from hellWeinberg's wonderful illustration of why yes should mean yes and no should mean no. . . .

"He has so much to say and so many intructive stories to
tell. . . .

"You'll find this book a delightful introduction to the man and his work."

—Richard Mateosian
IEEE Micro Review

"Computing professionals know Gerald Weinberg as one of the most successful consultant/educators in our field. Learning what techniques have worked for him will surely help us to do our jobs better. The author also candidly shares some of what has not worked for him, also valuable lessons for us.

"Whether we make our living as professional consultants, most of us do consulting at least some of the time in the course of systems analysis, project management, programming, and other information systems activities. That is, we give advice to decision makers. Gerald Weinberg's two Secrets books, therefore, are valuable on every computing professional's book shelf."

—Conrad Weisert

"If you were to buy this book and the previous one, Secrets of Consulting, and read them, then your next step should be to place one in each of your hip pockets. For that is the only part of being a consultant not covered in these books. Wrapped in the guise of folk wisdom, the advice given here could and should be part of a business degree. . . .

"No one writes business advice better than Weinberg. If he ever decides to give up writing about business, he could make a career out of writing personal self-help books. It will be on my top ten books of the year list. "

—Charles Ashbacher

"If, like me, you swallowed Secrets of Consulting in no time, you can safely grab a copy of this book because you will certainly love it even more. This is one of those rare books where you can actually feel the experience of the author transpire from a simple trail of ink."

—Valentin Crettaz
Val's Blog, Javaranch.com


Table of Contents
Sample Laws, Rules, and Principles
"The Law of Strawberry Jam"

"Polanski's Pointer"


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