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Dr. Peeling's Principles of Management:
Practical Advice for the Front-Line Manager

by Nic Peeling

ISBN: 978-0-932633-54-5  
©2003   288 pages   softcover  
$29.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Communication Skills, Software Project Management, Team Management, Technical Leadership

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Uncommon Approaches to
Managing Difficult People and Situations

About the Book

Every day, professionals are promoted into management, often with less knowledge of leadership than of the tools of their trade. Although there are plenty of management books on the market, few address the stickiest issues that hands-on managers face.

Nic Peeling knows the transition to management is tough—because he went through it on his own. In this book, he's captured all the management advice he wished he had been given. Dr. Peeling's Principles of Management offers new and experienced managers a handy compendium of pragmatic advice that tackles such questions as

  • How do you motivate a failing team?
  • How do you inspire an under-performer or terminate a problem staff member?
  • What tasks might you shirk—and what rules can you break?
  • When should you retreat from office politics rather than retaliate?
  • What distinguishes a leader from a manager?

These issues and countless others are matched with Peeling's candid, thought-provoking insights. All new managers—and all future managers—should read this book.

Insights from the Book

"The Golden Rule of Management: You will be judged by your actions, not by your words, and your actions shall set the example for your team to follow."
from the introduction

"Office politics—and the ambitious, small-minded people who play political games on the job—can quickly undermine team spirit. I suggest you stamp hard on the first sign of politics infecting your team. Staff members who are playing political games do not behave in an open or straightforward way, so be forewarned: If you cannot determine the motivation behind someone's actions, office politics may be at work."
from Chapter 1


"While Peeling has a doctorate in computing and is a manager of software developers, most of the advice can also be applied to other managerial scenarios. . . . The best managers know when to mold 'em and know when to scold 'em and Peeling is clearly an expert in making that type of choice.

"Managers that understand the psychology of developers and the technical details of what they do are very rare, and Nic Peeling is a member of that group. In this book he passes on some of that wisdom, and all managers can benefit from reading it."

Charles Ashbacher
posted on Amazon.com

"It would be hard to give one a sense of everything in this book. . . . It is a welcome change from many management books and has achieved the purpose Peeling set for it."

Scott Duncan,
Software Quality Professional

"Having a management position can be one of the most difficult jobs of all. Luckily, books such as Dr. Peeling's Principles of Management: Practical Advice for the Front-Line Manager are available to help ease the gap.

"Dr. Peeling does indeed offer many useful and practical tips for managers. While the main tips are highlighted in italics, this is not a book intended for skimmming, but instead should be read from cover to cover.

". . . a good buy if you or your staff members are embarking on those crucial first days as a manager."

Michelle Collins,

"Every once in a while, you pick up a book that grabs you. This is the kind of book that I look forward to seeing on my nightstand after a long day at work. The author is a scholar and a keen observer of human nature, who has the unique knack of succinctly expressing some pragmatic managenment advice, not only for managing people but, IMHO, for managing your managers, as well as your own career.

"I really enjoyed reading the book because, not only did I pick up a point or two about how to deal with my co-workers from a leadership position, but I learned a thing or two about myself and what techniques I subconsciously had been using to deal with difficult co-workers and stressful work situations."

Will Tracz,
ACM Software Engineering Notes

". . . he presents delightful cartoons of a manager with a huge grin, closed eyes, and a can-do attitude flaunting Peeling's principles.

"Over and over, I find myself believing that Peeling is right about some point that I wish he were wrong about.

". . . if you're a front-line manager or in danger of becoming one, you can learn a lot from this book. You should buy it and read it."

Richard Mateosian,
IEEE Micro

". . . a practical survival guide for the tenacious transition of learning how to become a manager. . . . a sound and 'reader friendly' primer which is particularly recommended for the novice manager."

The Midwest Book Review

"New and experienced low-level and front-line managers will find practical, candid, sometimes humorous advice on managing people as individuals, managing problem staff and different types of staff, and managing people in teams, as well as project management, managing a failing team, and managing people outside the organization. Writing is accessible, with cartoons and many examples."

Book News, Inc.

"Nothing is more difficult than managing people. Dr. Peeling's new book will make the job a lot easier, especially for the person who wasn't born with a knack for handling others."

Al Ries, Co-author of
The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding


Excerpt: "Management Advice I Wish I'd Had"

Excerpt: "Managing People in Teams: Leadership Principles"

Excerpt: "Is Management Manipulation?"

Table of Contents

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