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Sample Laws, Rules, and Principles

by Gerald M. Weinberg

Adapted from More Secrets of Consulting: The Consultant's Tool Kit . Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. See below for copyright notice.

The Law of Strawberry Jam: As long as it has lumps, you can never spread it too thin.

The Mercenary Maxim: One of the best ways to lose lots of money is to do something only for the money.

Polanski's Personal Pointer: Whenever you believe that a subject has nothing for you, it probably has something for you.

The Golden Lock: I'd like to learn something new, but what I already know pays too well.

Dani's Decider: When you stop learning new things, it's time to move on.

The Dismal Theorem of Middlemen: Negotiating the heck out of a deal with middlemen is unlikely to improve your situation, because they're professionals and you're an amateur.

The Happy Theorem: Regardless of the agency's cut, if you're unhappy, they're impoverished.

The Ultimately Dismal Theorem: If you don't know what you want, you're not very likely to get it.

LeGuin's Law: When action grows unprofitable, gather information. When information grows unprofitable, sleep.

The Detective's First Rule: When you're looking for problems, don't be mesmerized by the first one you find.

The Nedlog Rule: As they do unto others, they will eventually do unto you.

The Goody Goody Guide: If you must have everyone like you, get out of the consulting business.

Monica's Marvelous Mirror: Negotiating a contract is a marvelous opportunity for both parties to take a good look at themselves.

Kenny's Law of Auto Repair: The part requiring the most consistent repair or replacement will be housed in the most inaccessible location.

The Heart Test: If you don't care about them or their problems, don't consult for them.

The Life Law: Better to live succeeding than to die trying.

The Informed Heart Test: If someone requires you to die trying to help them, you don't want to help them.

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COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This excerpt from More Secrets of Consulting: The Consultant's Tool Kit [ISBN:0-932633-52-8] appears by permission of Dorset House Publishing. Copyright © 2002 by Gerald M. Weinberg. All rights reserved. See http://www.dorsethouse.com/books/ms.html. The material contained in this file may be shared for noncommercial purposes only, nonexclusively, provided that this Copyright Notice always appears with it. This material may not be combined with advertisements, online or in print, without explicit permission from Dorset House Publishing. For copies of the printed book or for permissions, contact Dorset House Publishing, 1-800-342-6657, 212-620-4053, http://www.dorsethouse.com, info@dorsethouse.com, New: 3143 Broadway, Suite 2B, New York, NY 10027 USA. Additional rights limitations apply, as presented in the Legal Disclaimer posted at http://www.dorsethouse.com/legal.html.



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