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Tom DeMarco on Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies.

Tom DeMarco on The Deadline.

Tom DeMarco & Timothy Lister on Peopleware, 2nd edition.

Tom DeMarco & Timothy Lister on Waltzing With Bears.

Rodger D. Drabick on Best Practices for the Formal Software Testing Process

Robert Galen on Software Endgames

Derek Hatley & Peter Hruschka on Process for System Architecture and Requirements Engineering.

James A. Highsmith III on Adaptive Software Development.

Naomi Karten on Communication Gaps and How to Close Them.

Norman L. Kerth on Project Retrospectives.

Lawrence H. Putnam & Ware Myers on Five Core Metrics.

James & Suzanne Robertson on Complete Systems Analysis.

Gerald M. Weinberg on More Secrets of Consulting.

Gerald M. Weinberg on The Psychology of Computer Programming: Silver Anniversary Edition.

Gerald M. Weinberg on Quality Software Management Vol. 4: Anticipating Change.

Gerald M. Weinberg on Roundtable on Technical Leadership: A SHAPE Forum Dialogue.

Gerald M. Weinberg on Weinberg on Writing.

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