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Agile Software Development
in the Large:

Diving Into the Deep

by Jutta Eckstein

ISBN: 978-0-932633-57-6  
©2004  248 pages   softcover  
$33.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Software Management, Software Project Management, Team Management

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Who Says Large Teams Can't Handle
Agile Software Development?

About the Book

Agile or "lightweight" processes have revolutionized the software development industry. They're faster and more efficient than traditional software development processes. They enable developers to

  • embrace requirement changes during the project
  • deliver working software in frequent iterations
  • focus on the human factor in software development

Unfortunately, most agile processes are designed for small or mid-sized software development projects—bad news for large teams that have to deal with rapid changes to requirements. That means all large teams!

With Agile Software Development in the Large, Jutta Eckstein—a leading speaker and consultant in the agile community—shows how to scale agile processes to teams of up to 200. The same techniques are also relevant to teams of as few as 10 developers, especially within large organizations.

Topics include

  • the agile value system as used in large teams
  • the impact of a switch to agile processes
  • the agile coordination of several sub-teams
  • the way project size and team size influence the underlying architecture

Stop getting frustrated with inflexible processes that cripple your large projects! Use this book to harness the efficiency and adaptability of agile software development.


This Title Is Now Also Available As an eBook Through Pearson Education at www.informit.com.

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"Agile Software Development In The Large is a guide especially for career professional computer software developers seeking to adapt their code and techniques to the revolutions that agile, or "lightweight" processes have brought to the software development industry. . . . An in-depth resource written by an experienced field professional, Agile Software Development In The Large is an absolute must-have for any expert striving to keep current and improve."

Library Bookwatch

"I am crazy about this book. I think it's the best, most readable and understandable explanation I've read about using Agile software development approaches. Its message is accessible to both technical and non-technical readers. The practices are described in a way that works, whether in large, scaled-up environments or small, intimate ones. Since it became available, I have been telling my non-Agile and toe-in-the-Agile-water clients and colleagues about it every chance I get."

Diana Larsen
posted on Amazon.com

". . . Now, in software development, we encounter enormous projects that call for people in the tens and sometimes hundreds. These hundreds are not factory workers repeating endlessly a small number of operations. They are creative contributors on a scale with which we have little experience.

"Jutta Eckstein has pulled together this experience, most of it recent and much of it drawn from the Agile movement. Indeed, she has this experience herself. The Agile trademarks—like having everybody in one room, with a representative of the client in the corner—do not seamlessly translate to projects with 100-plus developers in scattered locations. . . .

"Those currently faced with the problem of development in the large will find this book a good place to begin."

Ware Myers
Coauthor of Five Core Metrics

"The major strengths of this book are the topic area—of growing importance to both practitioners and educators worldwide—and the down-to-earth, pragmatic tone in the writing.

"Other XP books address small projects in idealized, greenfield environments: This book is the first I am aware of addressing large projects within more traditional environments."

James Noble
Victoria University of Wellington
Co-author of Small Memory Software

"Jutta is a highly regarded professional whom I know personally and professionally . . . She is what I regard as a thought leader in agile processes and patterns. As such, she has a lot to say and the industry will be the better for her guidance and advice."

Ken Schwaber
Founder and director, Agile Alliance
President, Advanced Development Methods
Co-developer of the Scrum agile process

"This book needs to be read by testers for a "reality check" on the realized gains of the promotion of testing as both an art and a science as well as how much of our journey still remains. This journey is the continued effort to educate our project teams, our management and our organizations that testing isn't confined to the end of the project or even the end of the creation of a component."

Meredith Otto

". . . Eckstein provides a wealth of best practices and experiences from a variety of 'large' Agile teams. While the book was published in 2004, many companies are just beginning to address the issues she raises and her messages are more valid than ever. What I like most about this book is its balance: it provides strategies for communication, team building and trust, architecture and cultural change, as well as advice on scaling Agile development practices. And, she writes in the context of a traditional company, structured by departments and burdened by organizational silos and regulatory requirements.

"Overall, this is an extremely pragmatic book. The 'people' issues are particularly relevant and, as we all know, they are the toughest to tackle. And while the point of the book is to help large Agile teams, companies running smaller teams should also take notice. At the end of the day, most companies' software portfolios evolve from a series of smaller initiatives."

Liz Barnett
Agile Journal


Table of Contents
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