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To Satisfy & Delight Your Customer:
How to Manage for Customer Value

by William J. Pardee

ISBN: 978-0-932633-35-4  
©1996  280 pages   hardcover  
$39.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Requirements Engineering, Software Quality & Productivity, Systems Analysis

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Revitalize Your Approach to Quality with
Powerful QFD Techniques and an Extensive Case Study

About the Book

Software development is hard, so hard that most new products fail to meet business goals. Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a process for consistently developing successful products and services. It rests on a belief in success through meeting the end-user's needs better than anyone else.

This book explains how to do QFD easily and effectively. The first part of the book breaks down the QFD process into manageable tasks, starting with setting business goals. Other chapters discuss detailed development tasks, such as discovering customer benefits, and day-to-day management tasks, such as planning, scheduling, reviewing, facilitating, and training. The ideas come alive in an extensive case study of the design and construction of a world-class golf course in Mexico.

In the second part of the book, the author extends the QFD process to four common situations: managing a product line; satisfying multiple stakeholders; selecting the best commercial applications; and coordinating multiple teams.

By separating the underlying math from the body of the text and by using jargon-free language, the author makes QFD accessible to readers across a wide range of types and sizes of business.

Topics Include

  • Overview of Quality Function Deployment
  • A Case Study: The ClubCarib Golf Course
  • Set and Monitor Goals
  • Management Advisory Panel
  • Discover Customer Benefits
  • Satisfiers, Dissatisfiers, and Delighters
  • Identify Customer-Desired Qualities from the Data
  • Separate Benefits, Design Criteria, and Features
  • Use Affinity Analysis to Group Related Benefits
  • Quantify Customer Value
  • Describe Customer Satisfaction
  • Determine Customer Importance
  • Compare Penalty and Reward
  • Set Target Performance in the Planning Matrix
  • Characteristics of Good Design Criteria
  • Check for Completeness and Simplicity
  • Mock-ups and Prototypes

From the Introduction

"QFD was first applied in Japan's Kobe shipyards in 1971. QFD founder Yoji Akao realized, as did other experts around the world, that sufficient product quality could not be achieved simply by inspection by members of the quality control function. Akao wanted everyone to share responsibility for quality.
        "Today's QFD process enables members of an organization to share responsibility for all qualities (features, functions, properties, and performance) beneficial to the customer. Because of this shared responsibility for all qualities that matter to the customer, QFD can benefit any company, large or small. It can improve products of services whether supplied internally or sold externally."



"QFD without pain. . . . Pardee has written a valuable and complete book on QFD. I plan to use this book as a guide to meeting my own customers' needs."

 —Randy Rice
The Software Quality Advisor

"The consistent focus on satisfying and delighting the customer is extremely important . . . and refreshing."

 —Jack M. Kantola
Trompeter Electronics

". . . very well written, insightful, and most importantly, useful. It is a very practical book."

 —Ora Smith
CEO Illinois Superconductor Co.

Table of Contents

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