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Suzanne Robertson


SUZANNE ROBERTSON is a teacher and consultant specializing in modeling techniques for software development. She has coauthored courses on systems analysis, software design for both procedural and object-oriented systems, quality assessment, and problem solving. Suzanne is currently developing techniques for reusing requirements specifications.

In 1966, Suzanne started her data processing career working on a missile flight simulation system for the Australian government. She moved from scientific work to the commercial field, where she worked on the design and implementation of an on-line investment system. Her team developed a system that integrated invoicing, inventory control, creditors and general ledger software. A network of Honeywell computers, the largest in Australia, and a variety of intelligent terminals, linked over 100 businesses in four states.

Since 1978, Suzanne has consulted, done research, and taught in Europe, Australia, the Far East, and the United States. She specializes in helping companies to adapt modern software development techniques to fit specific projects. Her seminars and papers are well respected as sources of new software development ideas.

Suzanne and her husband, James, were the first consultants for Yourdon Europe. Their impact was such that after a short time, they were invited to New York to manage Yourdon's seminar division.

In 1983, in partnership with Tom DeMarco, Tim Lister, Steve McMenamin, and John Palmer, Suzanne and James founded the Atlantic Systems Guild. The guild is a New York and London based think-tank, researching system development techniques. Guild principals have written numerous books and seminars that are among the most successful in software development history.

Suzanne and James Robertson are coauthors of Complete Systems Analysis: The Workbook, the Textbook, the Answers (Dorset House, 1994), a two-volume text and case study that teaches the craft of systems analysis.

Suzanne studied Information Processing at the New South Wales Institute of Technology, she is a member of the IEEE, the ACS, and is on the committee of the British Computer Society's Reuse Group. In her limited spare time, Suzanne divides her time between cooking, skiing and playing her flute.

Other recent activities:

Suzanne is working on research into reuse of requirements. The products of this research will be a requirements filter for assessing requirements quality and a book of requirements patterns (especially patterns for specifying business processes).

Recent work in Poland has resulted in a process for training internal consultants. The process makes use of project clinics and teaches technology transfer skills. The process, implemented in a large company over two years, has produced an effective team of fourteen technical consultants.

Suzanne and James's new requirements seminar, Mastering The Requirements Process, ran for the first time in London in March 1996. The seminar brings together five years of research work and presents a practical process for eliciting and specifying requirements.

Bibliography: Suzanne Robertson

Adrenaline Junkies
and Template Zombies:
Understanding Patterns
of Project Behavior

(with Tom DeMarco, Peter Hrushka, Tim Lister, Steve McMenamin, and James Robertson)

ISBN: 978-0-932633-67-5
©2008    248 pages    softcover  
$35.95 (plus shipping)


Complete Systems Analysis:
The Workbook, the Textbook, the Answers
(with James Robertson)

ISBN: 978-0-932633-50-7  
©1998, 1994   624 pages   softcover
$57.95 (plus shipping)

Excerpt from Complete Systems Analysis: "Your Project Starts Here"
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