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The Gift of Time:
Celebrating the Work of
Gerald M. Weinberg

edited by Fiona Charles

ISBN: 978-0-932633-75-0  
©2008  176 pages   softcover  
$25.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Biography, Systems Thinking, Technical Leadership

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Sharing the Gift of Time

About the Book

Consultants and managers from diverse fields present perspectives on lessons learned from Gerald M. Weinberg. A celebration of Jerry Weinberg's still-flourishing career, The Gift of Time is at once a tribute to a remarkable and influential software and systems pioneer, an introduction to his work, and a collection of lively and informative essays. Seventeen contributors focus on practical strategies and techniques applied and extended in their own work.

Readers, students, clients, colleagues, and friends of Jerry Weinberg, the contributors to The Gift of Time are notable authors and teachers in their own right. Reflections by Fiona Charles, Robert L. Glass, James Bach, Michael Bolton, Jean McLendon, Sherry Heinze, Sue Petersen, Esther Derby, Willem van den Ende, Judah Mogilensky, Naomi Karten, James Bullock, Tim Lister, Johanna Rothman, Jonathan Kohl, Dani Weinberg, and Bent Adsersen explore topics including: the role of systems thinking as a foundational software testing skill * understanding the relationships inherent in software quality and other complex problems * building personal tools to confront the struggles of everyday life and work * improving working relationships, and work itself, through congruent feedback * applying models to solve problems in group dynamics * observing behavior as an indicator of progress in process improvement * developing critical organizational skills through experiential learning * solving problems by examining underlying system dynamics * and more.

A compendium of valuable advice, the book addresses core issues on the human side of software projects.

About Jerry Weinberg

Internationally respected for his innovative thinking on both human and technical issues, Gerald M. Weinberg is a highly influential author, lecturer, and consultant, drawing on experiences gained in all three roles, as well as from a long technical career as a software developer and researcher. Weinberg has written on topics ranging from computer systems and programming to education, problem solving, and writing. He is the author of The Psychology of Computer Programming, The Secrets of Consulting, Weinberg on Writing, and dozens of other highly regarded books and articles. His blend of wit, storytelling, and jawdropping insight has won him fans around the world.


"I found myself jotting down words and phrases as I was reading each of the essays. As a life-long learner and a dabbler in the areas of systems thinking and organizational behaviour, I found so many tidbits of information from so many perspectives, that my thoughts started running rampant. I wanted to start researching and reading more, and not only about systems thinking. . . "

-- Janet Gregory, co-author of
Agile Testing: Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams

". . . will give you [a] deep appreciation for the value of people and analytical skills, for it is smart people who design efficient major systems and they do so by interacting and having skills that complement each other. Wienberg's developmental approach of 'rational irrationality' is one of considering all options -- even those that seem silly, unlikely or even absurd -- and his approach is a proven success."

-- Charles Ashbacher, Journal of Object Technology

". . . I'm far from the only person to be influenced by Jerry Weinberg, who's written books and articles on topics that range from computer systems and programming to education, problem solving, and writing. And, in a move that's remarkable for our 'what have you innovated for me lately' industry, Dorset House recently published The Gift of Time: essays in honor of Gerald M. Weinberg on his 75th birthday.

". . . This is fun, thoughtful reading. . . Depending on your background, your current itch at work, or your temperament, you might be more engaged by different essays. . . This is a book worth reading, even if you've never heard of Jerry Weinberg."

-- Esther Schindler, JavaWorld

"I first met Jerry Weinberg in 1967 and have read much of his writings and participated in his SHAPE forum. For me, reading these articles was like continuing the conversation.

"The Gift of Time is a book to be read slowly, an article or two now and others later. The thinking is often deep, always stimulating. Even as an 'insider,' I gained new insights from many of the articles. Read this book -- not once, but several times over the next few years. Your attention will be rewarded."

-- Brian Crook, posted on Amazon.com

". . . I learned many interesting concepts from the book and something from almost every chapter. There were a few references to Jerry's words of wisdom but also many new personal insights from the authors that were inspired by Jerry. There was a nice blend of personal stories of interactions with Jerry, stories of experiences that had been influenced by Jerry and stories of Jerry's history -- again helping keep my interest and increase my enjoyment of the book. . . ."

-- Paul J. Holland, posted on Amazon.ca

"Each essay is a quick read, and you can read one and put the it down and return to the book days later as needed. I found myself returning to the book again and again, sometimes reading the same essay over and over again. Anyone who is interested in a pioneer in the computer, testing, consulting and teaching field will want to read this to be introduced to Gerald and inspire them to delve into one of the dozens of books Gerald Weinberg has read himself."

-- Michael Cookson, posted on Amazon.ca

"[I] learned many new things from many of the stories within these pages and have made a list of more books I want to pick up, people I want to meet, and things I want to learn more about."

"The Gift of Time will make a good addition to any software professional's library. . . . there's a little something or everyone in this book. I can see myself re-reading it. I'm glad to have a copy."

-- P. Carvalho, posted on Amazon.com

"I was expecting a tribute and instead got a thought-provoking and inspirational look at different ways to think, process and converse. The inspiration cam from Gerald M. Weinberg. The impact of his teachings is many people with wonderful ideas and successes to share."

-- Kristin Goetz, posted on Amazon.com


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