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O.-O. Computation in C++ and Java

Object-Oriented Computation
in C++ and Java

by Conrad Weisert

ISBN: 978-0-932633-63-7  
©2007  208 pages   softcover  
$33.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Object-Oriented Design, Programming

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C++ and Java for Computation-Heavy
Applications in Business, Science,
and Engineering

About the Book

Virtually all business, scientific, and engineering applications are heavily reliant on numeric data items. C++ and Java offer object-oriented programmers unique flexibility and control over the computations required within such applications.

However, most books on object-oriented programming gloss over such numeric data items, emphasizing instead one-dimensional containers or collections and components of the graphical user interface.

Object-Oriented Computation in C++ and Java fills the gap left by such books.

Drawing on more than 20 years' experience as a software developer, tester, consultant, and professor, Conrad Weisert shows readers how to use numeric objects effectively.

Not limited to any language or methodology, the concepts and techniques discussed in this book are entirely independent of one's choice of design and coding methodology.

Practitioners of Extreme Programming, UML-driven design, agile methods, incremental development, and so on will all develop these same data classes.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an advanced computer science student, this book can teach you techniques that will improve the quality of your programming and the efficiency of your applications. The exercises (and answers) presented in this book with teach you new ways to implement the computational power of C++, Java, and numeric data items.

Topics include

  • taxonomy of data types
  • developing and using object-oriented classes for numeric data
  • design patterns for commonly occurring numeric data types
  • families of interacting numeric data types
  • choosing efficient and flexible internal data representations
  • techniques for exploiting pattern reuse in C++
  • conventions for arithmetic operations in Java
  • numeric vectors and matrices

Read the First Two Chapters Plus More (PDF ~692K)

From the Introduction

"The exposition and examples use C++. . . . near the end of most chapters, I convert the most important examples to Java. . . . [Dorsethouse.com] contains source code in both languages. . . . Even if your preferred programming language is C#, Python, Ruby, or Smalltalk, you'll find most of this book helpful."
from the Introduction

Source Code Examples

Complete functions and object-oriented classes referred to in the text are defined here

To report errors or suggest improvements, please notify the author.


"Most of the programming books I've read tend to gloss over the numbers. Sure, you know that the numbers exist and that you can perform basic math with them, but you never really see how to do it. After a few minutes in the limelight, the numbers disappear and the author replaces them with the more exciting machinations of the user interface (not that there's anything wrong with the user interface; applications need a user interface too). Many books simply don't include much about the numbers, especially the math behind the numbers. If you've found yourself wondering how to make the math work, this is a great book to get. Instead of giving you a couple simple math examples that don't reflect the real world, you'll find yourself working with code that fully demonstrates practical math techniques. . . .

"The book is well-organized and relatively easy to read, but the author also doesn't candy-coat the complexity of the topic. You'll find that you learn quite a lot in the scant 194 pages that this book provides."

John Mueller, DevSource.com


"This is very good and thought-provoking material that would work well in the classroom. . . . problems for consideration and coding are scattered throughout the text. Answers to many of the problems are included in an appendix. . . . this book is an excellent source of deep-thought problems in C++ design and development. . ."

Charles Ashbacher, posted on Amazon.com

". . . highly recommended supplement for aspiring and practicing object-oriented computer programmers.

—Diane Donovan, Wisconsin Bookwatch


Source Code
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First Two Chapters
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